Consultations and Evaluations
Our staff is ready to provide financial advisory services, and free evaluations on antique and modern paintings, modern and contemporary photographs, watches, wine, jewelry and other objects of value. Do not hesitate to contact us for inventory, cataloging and photographic documentation of objects or collections. At InnAuction everything is handled with the utmost discretion. 

Evaluations Via Email
We can value your objects electronically if you submit a digital photograph (.jpeg or .jpg file formats only), please send them directly to:
Please make sure to include your name, telephone number, email address and all relevant information on the object(s) in the body of the email. When sending the images make sure each of your photographs are at least a DPI of 200 or higher. We will endeavour to get back to you within three to four days business days.

Authentication of Artworks 
Our staff is on hand to assist in the authentication process for works of art and other valuables, in preparation for sales. During the process we will contact necessary parties to aid in the authentication and evaluation of the object, including due diligence into the object, and to obtain a certificate of authenticity when needed. 

Inventory, Cataloging and Photographic Documentation 
Upon the request of a client we will assist in the inventory, cataloging and/or documentation of private collections, or of specific works of art and other valuables. 

Private Sales and Private Purchases
InnAuction offers services to our clients who want to sell, or buy, independently from outside of our auctions, while maintaining their privacy.

Private Collections and Asset Valuations  
InnAuction can offer a valuation service, from single items to whole estates. Our services apply to private items as well as home owners, solicitors and trustees.
We are also pleased to collaborate with private collections and companies regarding any matter relating to acquisitions, sales and collection growth.